Reproduction and Development


Course description

This course investigates the underlying principles of reproductive biology with special emphasis on mammal reproduction. Topics throughout the quarter include the male and female reproductive systems, embryology, cloning and the molecular biology of reproduction. Laboratory work is an essential component of this course as well as projects (most of which will be Web-based) that incorporate students' interests. This class is a component of the Biology regents and follows the core curriculum learning standards.



  1. Sexual Reproduction/Human Reproductive systems
  2. Embryology/ Development
  3. Asexual Reproduction and DNA
  4. Mitosis and Meiosis


Course Expectations

1. Be on time to class. No excuses, no exceptions. Three latenesses will equal a detention.

2. Be sensitive to the feeling and dignity of others. Respect should be shown in all communication.

3. All students must enter the classroom with a positive attitude.

4. Safe behavior is required. This is especially important while doing labs.

5. Homework is assigned every night. It is extremely important to keep up on your homework. Stay on top of your work! Late homework will be severely marked down.

6. If you have been absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what homework is due. (Ask your classmate). You will be given one day grace for each excused absence. Remember that more than 5 absences that have not been made up will result in being denied credit in this course regardless of your average.

7. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If you copy your assignment answers from someone else both you and the person you copied from will receive a zero. There will be some exceptions made for lab partners.

8. I suggest that you save all graded work (especially the labs which are required by the state to be kept on file.) This work is useful for study as well as evidence of earned grades.

9. No cell phones or iPods in class. If I see them, they will be taken away.


Extra Help

I am available for extra help almost every day after school from 2:20 - 2:45 or by appointment.



Tests and Quizzes: 65%
Graded Labs: 20%
Homework: 10%
Participation: 5%

Lab reports handed in one day late will receive a maximum grade of 75. Lab reports more than a day late will lose 5 points/day. Do not hand in labs late!


My phone number at school is 256-4175 x 61814. My e-mail address is Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you. I check my email daily.