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MOST EXCELLENT geology links


Minerals and Rocks

Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom- A-Z look at minerals
Mineral Gallery- mineral descriptions, images, and specimens

Quakes and Plates

Virtual Earthquake - find the location of an earthquake by triangulating data
Map of Recent Quakes- find out what's shaking!
US Geological Survey: geology homepage - this site is a gateway to ask-a-geologist, earthquake info, water, mapping and much more

Story of Plate Tectonics - USGS presents the Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
National Data Center's Tsunami Database - here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about every tsunami that has ravaged the sea since 49 B.C.
Savage Tsunamis- waves of distruction- surf's up
Life along the Fault Line - the Exploratorium's online earthquake exhibit includes seismic science information, articles on earthquake-proof engineering, and a look back at the 1906 quake in San Francisco.
Global Earthquake Response Center - get information on what's shaking today and terrible earthquakes of the past
Real Time Earthquake Data - USGS gives current international earthquake information
Animation of Earth's Crust- Hell's Crust revealed
Hell's Crust in Motion- PBS Story of Plate Tectonics
SavageEarthquakes- PBS Restless Planet



A Kid's Guide to Volcanoes- Tungsten Resources

Volcanic Eruption Prediction - the Annenbery/CPB project exhibits collection address the question: Can we predict volcanic eruptions. Well organized and interesting video clips.
Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page - contains information on volcano hazards, current activity, volcanic humor, and remote sensing
Savage Volcanoes- learn about how volcanoes form and then self-destruct
In the Shadow of Vesuvius- world's deadliest volcanoes, volcano SWAT teams and more


Weathering and Landforms

Color Landform Atlas of NY- satellite and "3-d" relief images
Terra Server Arial Imagery- get detailed maps



American Museum of Natural History- Hall of Planet Earth - a fantastic virtual exhibit (and onsite too)
Michigan Tech Aurora Page - information, links and incredible photos of the Northern Lights. Check out Jan Curtis' shots from Alaska.

USGS Water Resources of US Water info galore

Realtime Water Data- USGS lastest info on stream levels in US

Virtual Cave- an in depth look at the wonders of the underground.