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Course description

This course will use nature as a laboratory, combining principles of ecology, environmental science and wildlife survival. Study topics include the natural history of the Hudson Valley with a special emphasis on our school property. Field work will include wildlife identification, assessment of the quality of the forest, analysis of insect and plants, the human impact on the environment and much more. Students will conduct original research on a topic of their choice incorporating experiemental design, collection of field data, analysis and interpretation of data and a written documentation of their work. Field biology follows the core curriculum learning standards.



  1. Experimentation and Models- I test therefore I know!
  2. Habitat Studies- Team investigative field research
  3. Ecology Basics- What's for dinner?
  4. Organisms- Who's there?
  5. Species Interactions- Who's on first?
  6. Wildlife Survival- Who's your daddy!
  7. Biomes- The wide, wild world of wonderful places!
  8. Natural History - Where have you been?
  9. Human Destruction- Who stole my home?
  10. Personal Action- Get up, stand up

There is no textbook for this class but we will be reading selected articles from the Economist, Earth Journal and Science magazines. The internet will also be a valuable information-gathering tool.

Materials Needed
A 3-Ring Binder, composition or journal book, pencil, pen, and assignment organizer must be brought to class every day.

Course Expectations
1. Be on time to class. No excuses, no exceptions. Three latenesses will equal a detention.

2. Respect should be shown in all communication to your fellow students and to your teacher. It is easy for people to misunderstand negative jokes.

3. Stay positive! Your attitude is infectious.

4. Safe behavior is required. This is especially important while doing labs. (We’ll do many labs!)

5. Homework is assigned every night. It may be in the form of internet research, finishing a lab or a worksheet. Late homework will be severly marked down. Stay on top of your work!

6. If you have been absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what homework you missed. When you return to class you will be expected to hand in the homework that was due the day that you were absent. No excuses. Any new homework assigned while you were absent will be due the class period following your return to school. Remember that you must make up class time if you miss more than 10 classes otherwise you will be denied course credit.

7. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If you are caught copying someone else’s work, you and the person you copied from will receive a zero for that assignment. There will be some exceptions made for lab partners.

8. It is very important that you respect nature when working in her laboratory! We will be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. Please do NOT leave any trace of your presence

9. No cell use is allowed during class!

Extra Help
I am available for extra help almost every day after school from 2:20- 2:45 pm.

Final: 20%
Tests: 43%
Quizzes: 22%
Labs: 20%
Homework: 10%
Participation: 5%

My phone number at school is 256-4175 x 61814. My e-mail address is Please feel free to contact me when problems arise. Classroom notes and review sheets can be found on my website

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