Species Interactions

Plant and Animal Interrelationships:

  • Predation- a relationship between animals in which one organism ________ on another with the intent to _________.
  • Competitive exclusion- species who utilize the ________ resources cannot coexist indefinitely- every animal has its own niche.
  • Resource partitioning- resources are _________, permitting species with similar requirements to use the same resources in different areas, ways and/or times.
    ~Activity: Quick, Frozen Critters

Predation is an important factor in evolution because predators prey most successfully on the slowest, weakest, least fit members of their target population, causing the prey species to evolve with protective or defensive adaptations to avoid predation

Predator Tricks

Assassin Bug- a beak stabbing monster
Ambush Bug- masters of camouflage

Evasive prey tricks- the way that different prey adapt to either hide from or discourage predators

Camouflage- Spittlebugs, Leaf Mantis Butterfly
Nasty odor- Stink Bugs
Poisons in body tissue- Monarch Butterfly
Harmless mimic of Monarch (Batesian Mimicry)- Viceroy Butterfly
Different species BOTH having poisons (Muellerian Mimicry)- Poison Dart Frogs
Spines- Fire Caterpillar, Puss Caterpillar
Eyespots on wings (Self-mimicry)- Butterflies

Types of Symbiosis:

Commensalism- a type of symbiosis in which one member clearly __________ and the
other apparently is neither benefited nor harmed.

                          Rhinosaurus and cattle egrets
                          Shark and remora
                          Oak trees and Spanish moss

Mutualism- a type of symbiosis in which both members of the partnership ___________.
ex. Lichen being a combination of fungus and a photosynthetic partner, alga

                          Clown fish and anemones
                          Acacia trees and Ants  

Parasitism- a form of symbiosis in which one species benefits and the other is __________

                          Tropical Round worms and Ms. Law

Neutralism- __________ party benefits or are harmed

                           Bison and Sunday School Teachers

~Activity: Good Buddies