Forestry Use and Abuse


How has our land use changed?

     New York Forest Land Use and Abuse:
           -Two main issues in timber management are (1) cutting the last remains of old-growth forest and (2) methods used in timber harvest.  Clear cutting is when every tree in a given area is cut regardless of size.  Strip cutting entails harvesting all tress in a narrow corridor.  Selective cutting is when only a small percentage of the mature tress are taken in each 10- or 20- year rotation. 
          -Rangelands overgrazing and Protection: About one-third of the world’s range is severely degraded by overgrazing, making this the largest cause of soil degradation.  The process of denuding and degrading a once-fertile land initiates a desert-producing cycle that feeds on itself and is called desertification. 


   Over harvesting (hunting and fishing) is responsible for depletion or extinction of many species. In addition to over harvesting wild species for food, we also obtain a variety of valuable commercial products from nature.