Rock test review:

Once you start smoking it is tuff to quit!

For your test next week, be prepared to answer the following questions.

  • Name of the rock
  • Where the rock formed
  • How the rock formed
  • Whether it formed first or last in the Bowen's reaction series (Igneous only)
  • Describe its texture
  • Identify the grain size (Sedimentary only)
  • Give the primary composition of the rock (if obvious)
  • Know the most common use of the rock
  • What is the unique characteristics or properties of the rock
  • Give the protolith of the rock (Metamorphic only)
  • Describe the degree of sorting (Sedimentary only)

Before you leave today- be sure that you have the correct names for all the rocks and have a sufficient number of special properties or unique features listed for each rock so you can identify them quickly. A crib sheet of rock names will be available to you during the exam.