Final Review- Review for Final- Finally time for Review- Reviewing Finally




Essential Questions

  1. How do scientist ultimately conclude that an hypothesis from an experiment is correct?
  2. How can you tell how closely animals are related by looking at a cladogram?
  3. Does passive transportation go from high to low or low to high concentration? How about active transportation?
  4. Complex carbohydrates are made from what?
  5. What are proteins made of?
  6. When you eat a meal, what are the steps that allow that food to be utilized by your cells?
  7. What is the role of enzymes in chemical reactions in your body?
  8. What is chemical change occuring in mitochondria?
  9. Know the formula for photosynthesis and chemical respiration.
  10. Know the relative size of organelles, cells, tissue, organs and organ systems.
  11. How do allergies work?
  12. What is larger- a gene or a chromosome?
  13. How does differientation happen in a cell if all cells contain all the DNA of an organism?
  14. In order for offspring to inherit a mutation where does the change in DNA have to occur?
  15. What is cloning and what are its results?
  16. What are some characteristics that would allow animals to hide from preditors?
  17. How does energy move through a food web?
  18. How do autotrophs get their energy?
  19. How do heterotrophs get their energy? (protein, fats or carbohydrates?)
  20. What is the role of a decomposer in the food web? What are some examples?
  21. How do predators keep a food chain stable?
  22. How do limiting factors affect an ecosystem?
  23. How does succession change a landscape over time?
  24. How does carrying capactiy affect population growth?
  25. How does habitat loss affect biodiversity?
  26. How will the continued human population growth affect the animals and plants on the planet?
  27. What is the role of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone?
  28. How does meiosis and fertilization change the number of chromosomes in a cell?