Unit Test Review: Human Anatomy and Physiology Part 1

Digestion, Excretion, Circulatory and Respiratory System


Digestion Vocabulary Review

Digestion Essential Questions

  1. How does food move through the human digestive system?
  2. Be able to label the major organs of the digestive system on an illustration.
  3. Where does digestion of starchs and proteins begin?
  4. What part do enzymes and digestive juices play in the digestion of food?
  5. What does the pancreas secrete that helps break down food in the small intestines?
  6. Why does the small intestine contain villi?
  7. Where does peristalisis occur?
  8. What is the primary role of the large intestine?
  9. What are some common ailments of the GI tract?


Excretion Vocabulary Review

Excretion Essential Questions

  1. How does the kidney clean our blood?
  2. What do the nephrons reabsorb back into our blood stream?
  3. At what stage is urine formed?
  4. Which organ creates urea (and bile!)
  5. What does the liver filter out of the blood?
  6. What are some common diseases of the excretory system?


Circulatory System Vocabulary Review

Circulatory System Essential Questions

  1. What is the difference between an artery and a vein? Which gives you your pulse?
  2. How many chambers do human hearts have?
  3. What is the difference in the roles of the atrium versus the ventricle?
  4. What are the three things found in blood? Know what they look like!
  5. Which could you live without longer- red or white blood cells?
  6. How does the blood clot?
  7. How can your protect yourself against heart disease?
  8. What are some common diseases of the circulatory system?


Respiratory System Vocabulary Review

Respiratory System Essential Questions

  1. How is physical respiration tied to chemical respiration?
  2. What muscle controls the expansion and contraction of your lung?
  3. Why do you breathe faster when you exercise?
  4. What surrounds the aveoli in your lungs?
  5. Which way does oxygen and carbon dioxide pass across the aveoli?
  6. What are some common diseases of the respiratory system?