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 MOST EXCELLENT Astronomy Links



Astronomy News

Sky Watching- what to look for and when
Sky & Telescope- what's up in the sky
Discovery Space Page- excellent mixture of recent news, special features and games
Nasa Science News- all the latest news worthy items

Solar System

NASA homepage - the home base for NASA has spaceflight, terra mission, aerial photos and much more
Nasa Human Spaceflight - check out the international space station
Multimedia tour of the Solar System- journey to the nine, I mean eight! planets
Welcome to the Planets- interactive programs on planet data. Great photos!!!!
Exploring the Planets- get the facts!
Solar System Simulator- wow! the next best thing to actually being there
Exploratorium's Guide to Sunspots- everything you wanted to know
Constellation facts - fun facts about constellations
Exploring space- I love these interactive programs. Check out the Mars virtual landing site and the lunar prospector simulation!
Cosmology website- find out short answers to big questions
Search for Extraterrestrials - is anyone out there? find out here with SETI
Telescope Observatory Site- find the answers to what is out there
U.S. Naval Observatory -data on moon and sun rise and set times and eclipses
Phases of the Moon- even works on cloudy nights!
Earth and Moon views- see the parts on the Earth in light and shadow. Very cool.
Tides and Tide Predictions- for your next boat trip
A View from Your Window great links to more facts about the planets and our solar system

Universal Knowledge

NOAA's Pictures of Space- great gallery of galaxies and more
Popular Science Relativity Websites- dig into astrophysics
Stephen Hawkings Web site - strange stuff explained!
Photos from Chandra - the photo album from the chandra X-ray observatory orbiting the Earth has cutting edge photos of distint wonders- incredible shots!!!!
A View of Outer Space- great links that give you data that is out of this world
Black Holes and Neutron Stars- learn about these celestial greats in easy to understand terms and graphics
Falling into A Black Hole - take a simulated tour to the center of a black hole
Virtual Trip through a Black Hole and Neutron Star- take the plunge
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University- get the latest in space and Earth Science research
Star Watch- Earth and Sky brings you the answer to what's up tonight. Great for budding astronomers- each night this site shows you what to look for.